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Extra Virgin Oil Tasting & Food Pairing

Service Description

Do you know which olive oil type is a better match with fish, and which one amplifies the flavor of meat? Have you ever tasted oranges or vanilla ice-cream with olive oil? The Greek extra virgin olive oil is renowned for its medicinal and health virtues, and even UNESCO inscribed Mediterranean Diet on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Try our quintessential extra olive oil & food pairing activity and learn how to correctly combine specific olive oils with different foods, which can metamorphose a simple dish into an extraordinary gastronomic delicacy simply by using the right olive oil! GROUP CAPACITY: min 2 persons – max 10 persons (children 10 years old+ are allowed to participate) START: 13:30 – END: 15:30

Contact Details

+ 30 6909421705

Mykonos, Greece

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