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Food And Wine Tasting Tour

Service Description

This is a special experience at an amazing biological wineyard to taste original Mykonian wine, local products and visit the sweetest pets. You will taste white, rose and red wines accompanied by local products / cold dishes. There are 4 menu options of small dishes to choose from: * The FULL MENU includes: A plate of 3 Aegean-originated cheeses: “kopanisti” the Mykonian spicy & peppery star mixed with fresh cheese, “xinotyri” the traditional sour cheese, and aged gruyere,"louza“; the traditional Mykonos ham; salad with tomatocucumber-capers-peppers-olives coming from our garden (upon availability) and extra virgin olive oil, “tzatziki”; yogurt; cucumber and garlic famous Greek spread; “mostra”, a typical Mykonos appetizer made with barley rusk; fresh tomato; kopanisti cheese; oregano and extra virgin olive oil; black eyed beans OR fava served with onion and capers; olives; bread; traditional Mykonian almond sweet; water and coffee. * The RICH MENU includes: The plate of Aegean-originated cheeses,"louza“; salad; “mostra”; bread; traditional Mykonian almond sweet; water and coffee. * The LIGHT MENU includes: the plate of Aegean-originated cheeses;"louza”; salad and bread. * The CHEESE & BREAD option, consisting of aged gruyere served with bread.

Contact Details

+ 30 6909421705

Mykonos, Greece

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