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Find Your Inner Self | Hiking Edition

Service Description

Embark on a picturesque sunrise hike to the lighthouse, enhanced by an active meditation to bring tranquility to the mind. While the hike is generally easy, be prepared for occasional steep inclines along the path. At the summit, relish breathtaking 180-degree views of the cliffs and the sea. Witness the sun ascend over the Mykonian mountaintops, and immerse yourself in our serene sun salutation ceremony, complete with breathwork, as you find peace in the moment. 06:00 - 10:00 • Sunrise hike to the lighthouse with active meditation • Sun Salutation Mountaintop Ceremony • Swimming at the beach • Traditional Mediterranean Breakfast + Coffee As the evening tranquility settles in, embrace the stunning panorama of the sea against the rugged rocks of the Cyclades. Descend the trail to the base for a sunset dip in the Aegean, allowing the sun to gracefully sink below the surface, creating a serene and memorable experience. 17:00 -21:00 Hike to the historic lighthouse with active meditation • Sunset swimming at the beach • Traditional Mediterranean Dinner Whether you choose the sunrise or sunset package, both options encompass the descent down the path to the beach. The cool and clear waters of the Aegean beckon, offering a refreshing cleanse for both body and mind. This experience sets the stage for guests to create enduring and beautiful memories of the Mediterranean—truly an iconic journey.

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Mykonos, Greece

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