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Why not make the best out of your stay in Mykonos?

We propose a range of amazing activities, based on your personal taste,
aspirations & lifestyle.

  • Jeep Safari
    - For small and larger groups

  • Bike Riding
    Classic Biking Tour (for all bikers) -
    Ride for experienced MTB -
    Electric bike -
    Family friendly rides -

  • Trekking
    - For beginners
    - For advanced levels

  • Water Sports
    - Jet ski
    - Water ski
    - Wake board

    - Kite surf
    - Fly board
    - Sea bob
    - Banana boat
    - Scuba diving

  • Canoe - Kayak
    - For small and larger groups

  • Fishing on Boat
    - Full fishing gear (long lines and nets)
    - Tasting the catch of the day on the boat

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