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Smart Priority Private Transport

Service Description

Smart Priority Private Transport With this service you can pre-book a number of transfers in any 24 hour period, and for as many days as you need. More specifically, because Mykonos is a congested island due to its global popularity, very often visitors are faced with having to wait for hours before a taxi becomes available. Priveon offers a solution to this problem by allowing you to book a fixed number of transfers (independent of distance) around the island, with a vehicle of your choice. As this is a pre-paid option we are able to apply a standard rate so that you get convenience at an affordable price. This smart solution offers the following exclusive privileges: From the moment you call us to utilize your pre-booked transfer, a vehicle will be with you in 40' maximum, thus giving you absolute priority over non pre-booked transfer requests. In addition, and depending on the category of the car, if there are extra seats available, you are entitled to invite your own guests without extra charge. Finally, with this option you will not incur the extra, obligatory, night time fee when traveling to the airport or port. It should be noted that this is a non-transferable option. If you fail to utilize one of your pre-paid transfers within the allocated 24 hour period, it cannot be carried forward to a different day. Contact us for more details.

Contact Details

+ 30 6909421705

Mykonos, Greece

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