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Carriage And Horse Riding Tour

Service Description

CARRIAGE TOUR – 2 HOURS Travel the old way! Adults and kids board on a traditional carriage and wander from the stables to the traditional farmstead and the overgrown cultivations. COUNTRYSIDE RIDING – 2.5 HOURS Experience a TRAIL RIDING to discover cute herds and peaceful routes on the way. Reach a beautiful isolated beach to enjoy the scenery and captivate unique moments. PICNIC RIDING TOUR – 4 HOURS Ride one of our beautiful horses across an 8km trail of accessible paths leading to a secluded beach for complete privacy and relaxation. A delicious picnic with traditional Mykonian delicacies and cool drinks will be waiting for you on the sandy beach. We can also provide horse riding lessons (45-minutes sessions).

Contact Details

+ 30 6909421705

Mykonos, Greece

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