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Mykonian For A Day - Discover The Past

6 hrs

Service Description

We welcome you to our farmstead and our daily life! Through the guided tour around the facilities, the visitor experiences the Mykonian tradition and everyday life of a family from the past. You will visit this authentic village house with its traditional stone oven, the loom, the cheese workshop, the winery foot-pressing vat, the well, the chapel, and so much more. While wandering around the vegetable garden, the vineyard and the crops, you can meet all the domestic animals of the estate, sheep, chickens, horses, etc. Once you have been acquainted with the premises, you can choose between 2 options: OPTION 1*: A. COOKING CLASS (10am-14pm): the cook welcomes you at the open-air kitchen in the main yard of the farmstead, where you get informed about the traditional Mykonian products. We prepare the dish all together, by following the recipe step-by-step. B. CAR MINI TOUR AROUND THE AREA (14pm-16pm): start a unique journey to the northern uninhabited side of Mykonos. You have the opportunity to experience and witness the wild beauties of the island in places otherwise difficult to reach and unknown to many, while being informed by the guide about the traditional habits and the way of life of the locals. This route ends at a remote private beach where you can enjoy the sea and the sun in complete tranquility and exclusivity. * These 2 specific activities can be reversed: start with the Car Mini Tour @14pm-16pm & then the Cooking Class @16-18pm. OPTION 2: A. BAKE BREAD (09am-13pm): Be the baker of the day! Learn all about the traditional bread making process, while at the same time participate in kneading and baking on an authentic stone oven and make your own bread! B. HORSEBACK RIDING (13pm-15pm): Barren paths await to be discovered on the other side of the island! Follow the inhabited natural trails and find yourself riding back in time. Meet cute herds and peaceful routes on the way. Ultimately, you will reach a beautiful isolated beach where you will enjoy a break and live unique moments. Your new best friends will guide you back to the stables, where a treat will be waiting for you! Back to the farmstead, you will enjoy your lunch on the traditionally decorated table. Unique local gastronomy that treasures carefully selected, vivid flavors and strong aromas of traditionally cooked dishes, accompanied by the most known Greek drinks: ouzo, tsipouro and wine.

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+ 30 6909421705

Mykonos, Greece

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